MSE 2001 

MSE Courses Other than MSE 2001

MSE 2001

Waitlisting has been enabled for MSE 2001. No overloads are available for any section of MSE 2001.

View Your Place on The Waitlist - To see where you are on the waitlist, use the instructions:

  • Log onto Buzzport.
  • Select Registration - OSCAR.
  • Select Student Services & Financial Aid.
  • Select Registration.
  • Select Student Detail Schedule. It will show you your place on the waitlist on that screen

Section MSE (MSE 2001-MSE) is restricted to the following major only (no major restriction overrides are given):

  • Materials Science and Engineering

Other MSE Courses

All other MSE course requests for permits, overloads, prerequisite override requests, etc. should be requested at

In your request, please include the following. REQUESTS WITHOUT COMPLETE INFORMATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED:

  1.  Name
  2. Tech ID number
  3. Course Name/Number/CRN/Section Number
  4. Type of Permit needed
  5. Request explanation
  6. Major


How do I get a permit from another department?

See the Registrar's Office permits by department website for information about permits by department.

How do I get an overload for a full class?

For an MSE class, send your request (with the complete included information above) to

For a class in another department, see the Registrar's Office website for information about permits by department.

How do I get a prerequisite override for a course?

You must contact the individual instructor for the course that you want the prereq override for and ask permission (course instructor listings and email addresses can be found on OSCAR). If the instructor approves, they will email the Academic Office personally to give you the override for you to register.

When does the major restrictions lift for MSE 2001-MSE?

The major restrictions are never lifted or waived for MSE courses.