Level 1 Corporate Engagement ($3,500) includes all Standard Services

Level 2 Corporate Engagement ($8,000) includes Standard Services and one Additional Service

Level 3 Corporate Engagement ($14,000) includes Standard Services and two Additional Service


Standard Services include

Career Fair

  • Presence at MSE Career Fair
  • Online access to student resume book
  • Space for one-on-one interviews

Corporate Day or Information Session in MSE (Fall or Spring semester)

  • Brand elevation and company awareness corporate day
  • Classroom space or lobby in Love/MRDC atrium

Industry Day Events

  • Complimentary Silver sponsorship and judging of MSE Poster Competition (Spring)
  • Dedicated room/space for meeting with and/or interviewing MSE students (Fall)

MSE Mentoring Program

  • Early contact with top-tier students who will become the future leaders of the industry
  • Direct influence, observation, and evaluation of student talent for potential future hires
  • Student exposure to the corporate culture and benefits of employment with sponsor

Digital and Print Marketing Support

  • Display of your marketing materials for job openings and other events
  • Visibility through MSE communications with signage (logo) displayed on MSE website, industry day and poster events, and annual newsletter

Assistance with MSE Student Organization Meetings (Fall or Spring semester)

  • Sponsoring events with student groups to promote leadership skills


Additional Services

Senior Capstone Design Project

Sponsorship of Capstone Design Projects providing students the opportunity to work with real world, open-ended, interdisciplinary challenges provided by industrial and research institution sponsors. Students learn and apply the engineering design process, define functional requirements, conceptualize, analyze, identify risks and countermeasures, and select materials and prototype. Benefits include opportunities for student mentoring and recruiting; potential fresh and out-of-the-box solutions – designed and tested by a student team during one semester’s worth of effort; display of company logo at McCamish Pavilion for Capstone Design Expo; display of company logo on MSE Capstone Design Website, and in annual MSE newsletter.

Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Sponsorship of Undergraduate Research Scholars to gain hands-on experience under the direction of a faculty mentor working on an ongoing project in an area of interest to the Corporate sponsor. Benefits include increased corporate visibility and opportunity for recruiting interns/co-ops/ employees; mentor/nurture future leaders of industry; direct observation and evaluation of student talent to identify potential future hires; student exposure to corporate culture; low cost investment with potential for building relationships with MSE faculty, and invitation to Research Scholars’ Presentation during annual Industry Day Event with pre-viewing and meeting with scholars prior to main event; and display of company logo on MSE website and annual newsletter.

MILL Summer Fellow

Sponsoring a MILL Summer Fellow will cultivate future recruits who are skilled in the use of various processing and analytical equipment common to the MSE discipline. These students are our future technical and executive leaders as they are asked to manage the day-to-day operations of a user-facility, develop new equipment protocols, train users, and lead new program initiatives. Through this innovative summer experience these students gain valuable hands-on technical, leadership, and people skills.

MILL Learning and Discovery (L&D) Teams

The Mill Learning and Discovery teams include a group of like-minded students who have a curiosity based on a challenge that they may have read about, learned about from an industry mentor, or encountered during an internship/co-op or other experiences. The groups self-organize as a team and work on various aspects of the challenge to enhance their degree and gain additional skill sets.

Student Organization Activities

Sponsorship of club events or for students to travel to professional conferences and other meetings for members of Graduate Student Advisory Group, Undergraduate Student Advisory Council, Women in MSE, Materials Advantage, Materials Research Society, Student chapters of ASM, Acers, TMS, AIST, and other materials organization.