Associate Professor
    Love Building, Room 329

    The research in Chen group is cross-disciplinary, bridging up mechanical engineering, chemistry and materials science, focusing on electrochemical energy storage related materials and devices, as well as functional and structural metals/alloys. The technical expertise of the group include development and application of advance in situ characterization methods for energy storage devices, computation-aided materials design and novel synthesis methods for nanostructured materials.

    Selected publications
    1. Xiong S, He XF, Han AJ^, Liu ZT, Ren ZS, McElhenny B, Nolan AM, Chen S#, Mo YF#, Chen HL#. Computation Guided Design of LiTaSiO5, a New Lithium Ionic Conductor with Sphene Structure. In press, Advanced Energy Materials(2019
    2. Yang LF, Li X, Liu J, Ma XT, Xiong S, Liu P, Bai JM, Xu WQ, Tang YT, Hu YY, Liu ML and Chen HL#. Lithium-doping stabilized high-performance P2-Na0.66Li0.18Fe0.12Mn0.7O2 cathode for sodium ion batteries. In press, Journal of the American Chemical Society(2019)
    3. Ma XT, Liu ZT and Chen HL# Facile and Scalable Electrodeposition of Copper Current Collectors for High-Performance Li-metal BatteriesNano Energy. 59 (5), p500-507, 2019.
    4. Ma XT, Nolan AM, Zhang S, Bai JM, Xu WQ, Wu LJ, Mo YF# and Chen HL#. Guiding Synthesis of Polymorphs of Materials Using Nanometric Phase Diagrams. (2018), 140, (49) p17290-17296, Journal of the American Chemical Society.
    5. Zheng GR, Xiang YX, Xu LF, Luo H, Wang BL, Liu Y, Han X, Zhao WM, Chen SJ, Chen HL, Zhang QB, Zhu T and Yang Y, Controlling Surface Oxides in Si/C Nanocomposite Anodes for High‐Performance Li‐Ion Batteries. Advanced Energy Materials. (8) 29, 1801718,2018
    6. Xiong S, Liu ZT, Rong HB and Chen HL#, Na3SbSe4–xSx as Sodium Superionic Conductors. Scientific Reports,  9146 (2018)
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    20. Chen HL, Grey CP. Molten salt synthesis and high rate performance of the “Desert-Rose” form of LiCoO2, Advanced Materials. 2008, 20 (11), 2206-2210. (Featured inside front cover article)

    Approved US Patents 

    • Grey CP and Chen HL. Lithium battery electrode and method for manufacture of same.  USPC Class: 42923195
    • Ceder G, Chen HL, Hautier G et al. Carbonophosphate and related compounds. PCT2011/025684
    • Tsinghua University, B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, 1999
    • Tsinghua University, M.S. in Chemistry, 2002
    • Stony Brook University, Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2009
    • Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research, SUNY-Stony Brook, 2009
    • Sigma Xi Award for Excellence in Research, 2008